Looking for an Indian restaurant in Houston?

Indian restaurant in houston

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Looking for an Indian restaurant in Houston?

Looking for an Indian restaurant in Houston?

Chennai Express is the hottest option serving perfect mouthwatering delicacy for lunch and dinner.

3 Indian Foods You Should Try at Chennai Express

Every person would wish to experience new food and treat taste buds with extravagant delicacies. Houston is popular for Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants. Chennai Express is the latest Indian restaurant in town with a whole lot of authentic North Indian and South Indian specialties. If you are in Houston for a while and wish to enjoy a gastronomically appetizing food trip, you need to start from Chennai Express- Best Indian restaurant in Houston. We are listing some of the best Indian dishes you should try when you are in Chennai Express.


It is well known that Idly is the most famous South Indian cuisine. It tastes delicious when this rice cake is served fluffy and soft. Idly is a healthy snack best for breakfast and dinner. It is not like other morning snacks. It does not make you overweight as it is prepared by steaming. Chennai Express restaurant in Houston serves Idly with delicious coconut chutney and hot sambar.


Another sumptuous and popular breakfast item is Dosa. It is a different creature with numerous varieties. It is crisper, thinner and prepared with fermented rice and lentils. A normal dosa is large in size that covers your plate. Dosa comes in different varieties like Butter Dosa, Egg Dosa, Onion Masala Dosa, Kal Dosa, Rava Dosa, etc. If you wish to taste different varieties of Dosa, visit Chennai Express- Indian restaurant in Houston.

Sambar Vada

Vada looks almost like a doughnut and it is one of the favorite meals in India. The soft interior and crispy top of vada can easily fill your hunger. It is best to eat with sambar. The spicy and sour taste of sambar, when combined with crispy vada, gives a whole new taste. It is recommended to taste at an authentic Indian restaurant. For example, the best Indian restaurant in Houston uses wholesome lentils and ingredients to make the dish Sambar Vada delicious and healthier.


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