Chennai Express, New Landmark In Houston

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Chennai Express, New Landmark In Houston

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Chennai Express Indian Cuisine is a brand new landmark in Houston. It has nothing to do with the namesake film nor is it a train from Houston to Chennai.

It is a restaurant that takes its inspiration from the typical south Indian cuisine in the Coimbatore region and has been launched by the Chairman and CEO of Sierra Infosys Inc., Senthil Kumar and his wife Sangeetha. It promises to have an edge over other restaurants for several reasons.

According to the Kumars, making money is not the primary goal, but a way to give expression to their pride and passion for authentic “home-cooked” food, especially the southern part of Tamil Nadu. Their formula for success is based on recipes that are distinguishable and different from the rest.

Kumar further elaborates that “the authentic Indian cuisine is prepared with ingredients that are directly sourced from farmers in rural India. All pulses and spices are carefully tested for authenticity by highly experienced chefs. This unique process is what makes Chennai Express different from others.”

“Strategic and action-oriented entrepreneur who thrives on steep challenges and incites team performance in multicultural settings,” reads Kumar’s resume on the IT website and the same sentiments would apply to his new food service venture as well.

If the variety of chutneys accompanying the traditional dosa are a culinary treat, their “Medu vadas” are outstanding with their uncanny sponginess. This is a treat as rarely do Medu Vadas in restaurants live up to their name. While Roti and Naan are commonplace in Indian restaurants, the multi-layered “parathas” demand delicate handling. Notable weekend specials include Idiyappam, Aapam with coconut milk, and Kuli Paniyaram. The menu also has a wide array of items based on chicken, mutton, lamp and egg for non-vegetarians.

Chase the flavor of South India at Chennai Express located at 2712 Eldridge Pkwy, Ste 103, Houston, TX 77082. Visit or call 832.295.0393.


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